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Thanh Tinh restaurant in Chau Doc

This Thanh Tinh place translates as ‘to calm the body down’ and it will do just that for vegetarians looking for a reliable menu Address: 13 Ð Quang Trung Phone: 0296 386 5064 Price: mains 30,000-60,000d Hours: breakfast, lunch & dinner Placing intimate and attentive service at the core of luxury river cruises offering, the 5-star Space-Ships benefit from a 1:2 crew-to-guest ratio. This not only affords the guests an appreciation of space, but allows us to deliver a level of service that's unique to the brand Jahan Cruise
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Che Stalls in Chau Doc

At night, you can also try a variety of cool dessert soups (che) at Che Stalls on Ð Bach Dang, next to the pagoda. Address: on Ð Bach Dang, next to the pagoda Town Centre ChauDocTravel:  Take advantage of limited time  river cruise deals . Enjoy an amazing vacation and save money with First Choice River Cruise by booking now! Offers the ultimate in custom-designed luxury incorporating staterooms balconies swimming pools Internet/WiFi access touring Mekong & Irrawaddy waterways. With top ratings and reviews in 2017 2018 Jahan ship is your best holiday choice to travel Mekong River . Visit website

Lam Hung Ky restaurant in Chau Doc

There’s a strip of Chinese restaurants on Chi Lang, including the busy Lam Hung Ky , complete with the usual strung-up ducks and chickens. It serves good food, despite the menu offering misleadingly unappetizing items like ‘instant boiled assorted meats’. Address:  71 Ð Chi Lang lamhungky restaurant Phone : 0296 386 6745 Price:  mains 50,000-100,000d Hours:  breakfast, lunch & dinner   Plan your river cruise aboard Jahan Ship , the cruise line's luxury paddle wheeler boasting all suites and a boutique travel experience on Mekong River .     ChaudocTravel: Special offers on river cruises. Cheap and last minute river cruises on the Mekong,  Red River ,   Kwai Noi River ,  Chao Phraya River ,  Ayayewaddy , Yangtze and more lovely rivers. Big savings!

Delta Adventure in Chau Doc

Here you can buy boat transport to Phnom Penh and book  half – and  full-day boating trips  on the Mekong Address: 53 Ð Le Loi 30 Thang 4 Park Area tel, info: 02963 563 810 The award winning fleets offer unforgettable cruises in unprecedented luxury . Spend the day discovering the world's greatest wonders, then return to the tranquility of your home away from home.   

Tra Su Bird Sanctuary in Chau Doc

I had booked a car to take me to the Tra Su bird sanctuary earlier in the day, at the Hoa Sen bookshop. At 700,000 dong this seemed expensive, but was cheaper than the US$58 per person the Victoria Hotel wanted for a guided tour, even though I ended up going by myself because Richard was tired. Jahan River Cruise Ship Schedule. Watching Cruise Ships pass through the waters surrounding Mekong River is an awesome moment to witness and capture with your camera. We have all the information you need to know which cruise ships are sailing by and what day and time they're expected. Visit website A little way from the tower we switched to wider canoe, acquired an extra rower, and rowed into the middle of the roost and back. The birds were directly overhead and I could smell the guano. There were some dead birds in the water and one fell in just as we were passing — perhaps a youngster who didn’t make it. Then it was back to the motorised boat and we hooned b

Phuong Trang bus in Can Tho

Information about Futa bus (Phuong Trang) (in Vietnamese xe khach Phuong Trang) in Can Tho. Find here the address, hotline, telephone number and person in charge Information about Futa bus ( Phuong Trang ) (in Vietnamese xe khach Phuong Trang) in Can Tho. Find here the address, hotline, telephone number and person in charge Address: 13 Hung Vuong, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho Telephone number: (if you are outside of Vietnam) +84292 3 769 768, if you are in Vietnam, just dial 02923769768 Futa Bus Lines also have an office in the bus stop 91 B, Hung Loi in Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho Telephone number: 02923769768 Travelling from Can Tho to my town  Chau Doc  is by Phuong Trang bus,  contact me for details Looking for cheap hotels? Want to know the latest hotel promotions? Search online and book with us now at  Chau Doc Travel ,  Phnom Penh Saigon

Futa Bus Lines in Chau Doc

Find here the information for Futa Bus Lines (Xe khach Phuong Trang) in Chau Doc Town, An Giang Province, Vietnam. Call their phone (+84)2963565888 to book the seats in advance Phuong Trang bus (Futa Bus Company in Chau Doc): Add: 89 Phan Van Vang- Chau Phu A, Chau Doc Town, An Giang, Vietnam Telephone: (+84)293565888 Futa bus from Chau Doc to Can Tho Departure place: Chau Doc bus stop Departures daily: 4:45; 6:45; 8:45; 11:45; 13:45, 15:35; 18:00 Duration: the trip would be around 2,5 hours – 3 hours Dropping off in Can Tho: 13 Hung Vuong Street, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho The bus can get you in hotel in Chau Doc (around 10 km away from the bus stop) Type of bus: Aero Town, 35 seat coach Bag: 30 kg. Extra fee for the bigger ones Ticket price (one way): 15 USD/adult. Free for children under 4 years old To buy the tickets in advance, please call the office, but often no English is spoken there. Thomas and his team at ChauDoc Travel can support the ticket buying wit